What We Can Do by The Pool During Rainy Seasons

First, we would like everyone to know the danger of swimming during rainy days, even swimming under a sheltered pool. So, here are some essential facts that you should know:

1. Indoor pool facilities are not typically safe

Indoor pool facilities, or commonly known as the sheltered pool is bonded and grounded. This makes it easier for lightning to travel to the ground without resistance. Hence they are not safe, especially when water is present.

Bonded meaning: All metal parts, motors, brackets, cables, and remote panels are connected (bonded) together to form a grid.

Grounded meaning: The grid with any other machinery is then grounded to the ground in order to allow electric surge to escape the facility without disrupting any systems or injuring anyone.

While this may seems safe to you, but do note that water is an excellent electricity conductor, meaning misdirect electricity may travel through the water.

The only way to ensure full safety is to evacuate the pool before it rains.

2. Possibility of being electrocuted

Even though there hasn’t been any documented case of injury or death related to an indoor pool, but there should be no debate about clearing indoor pools.

Let’s think this way: There are plenty of cases documented all around the world of people being electrocuted while brushing their teeth or taking a shower during a lightning storm in a bonded, grounded building.

So, for a body of water as large as a pool, there is a very high possibility of it being a target for lightning strikes.

3. Respect the regulation made by Sport Singapore

There is a protocol that every public swimming complex in Singapore needs to follow — which is a lightning risk alert.  This lightning alerting system is from the National Environment Agency (NEA) whereby it can predict lightning weather within an 8km radius.

If you experienced this at the public swimming complex before, you will notice a sign of pool closure, and normally the pool will be closed for 30 minutes.

Now, you are aware of the danger of swimming during rainy days, you must be thinking: what can you do instead? Fret not, as Swimmerse has the solution for you!

At Swimmerse, we have dry lesson sessions to replace swimming sessions during rainy days. This dry lesson is also known as Land Training Drills. Normally, dry lessons will be carried out in the event of rain with a lightning alert, whereby no swimming lessons can be conducted.

Swimmerse specialty:

  • We have a detailed dry lesson syllabus that aims to:
    • Developing Kicking Coordination:
      • Students should be able to kick properly and able to propel themselves underwater; eventually paddle to keep their head above water.
      Developing Arm Movement:
      • Students are able to develop proper arm movement by “drawing circles” — by helping them to holding their hands straight in front of them and guiding their arms open and towards the back.
      Developing Jumping Skills:
      • Students are not afraid to jump into water as it is a needed skill that requires some coordination and practice. Several jumping include:
        • Squat jumps, Advanced burpees, Forward hops, Frog hops
    • Developing Water Safety Knowledge:
      • Students should be able to identify potential hazards during swimming, before swimming, and after swimming.
      • Students should be able to know how to react to potential hazards.

So you must be wondering, is it useful for Swimming?

Definitely yes! Because by having this lesson, students will not only be able to develop muscles and theory on swimming, they will also able to enhance their confidence in swimming and help them to prepare themselves.

What to expect?

  1. Students are able to answer the Swim Safer Theory test.


· If you cannot see the bottom of a river, reservoir, stream, or quarry, which of the following lists some of the dangers there?

 · Which of the following guidelines should you observe when you are at the beach?

· Which of the following is NOT a correct way of getting into a swimming pool safely?

  • Students being able develop muscles and correct basic swimming technique.

What are you waiting for? Come and Join us now!:

As we do provide swimming lessons for learners starting from 1.5 years old at our flagships locations i.e. Sengkang swimming complex, Bukit Batok swimming complex, Clementi Swimming complex and Hougang Swimming complex; we also provide classes at private condo/houses too!