ActiveSG Wallet and Swimmerse Tie Up

Great news for Swimmerse parents and students!

Swimmerse have tied up with ActiveSG to pass more savings to students learning swimming at both Sengkang Swimming Complex and Bukit Batok Swimming Complex.

Parents and students may top up their MyCash at the ActiveSG App to make payment for Swimmerse swimming lesson fee.

For this promotional period, every $10 spent on MyCash will receive a rebate of $1 in ActiveSG credits. The ActiveSG credits are used to offset entry into ActiveSG’s swimming pools and gyms.

For example, every $120 paid for the monthly swimming fee will translate to $12 rebate in ActiveSG credits.

For detailed instructions on how to make the payment, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Open your ActiveSG app and click on top up

Step 2: Select the amount you would like to top up to your MyCash Wallet

Step 3: Select Scan and scan the QR code given. Enter the respective amount to pay.

(Do note there is a cap of $10 ActiveSG credit the customer can receive per transaction. However, a person can make multiple transactions.)

For example: For school fees of $240, please make 3 payment of $80 each to receive the 3 x $8 rebate.

Have any more question? Feel free to contact Swimmerse for more information.