How old should a child start learning swimming?

What is the best age for a child to learn swimming?

We know that it is essential for a kid to know how to swim, not only can they have fun in the water, but they can also reduce the chances of accidental drowning. We believed that many parents have a question of the ideal age for a kid to start to learn swimming. In truth, age is not the only factor that can determine whether your child might be ready to swim. Bear in mind that every kids learn swimming on their timeline.

“Babies can start their swimming journey from as young as one year old”, The American Association of Pediatrics said that. Although the young babies won’t be ready to learn swimming strokes right off, but this early introduction to the water will assist them become confident and comfortable when the swimming lessons begin.

Other than that, according to a 2009 U.S. study, it was also found that there was an 88 percent decrease in drowning risk in one to four years old children who had taken swimming lessons. But it’s critical to know that starting in early swimming program does not indicate that your kid is drown-proof under water unsupervised.

Will the babies gain any benefits in the early swimming program? Yes, of course!

  1. Babies will exhaust a lot of energy when they are swimming. It is because they are in a new environment, using their bodies in new ways, and they are working extra hard to keep themselves warm. You will realize that they are exhausted after a swimming lesson. So this is a good way to improve their sleeping pattern.
  2. There is nothing like swimming that makes you hungry after a day at the swimming pool and babies are no exception. All the physical exertion in the water and the energy required for a small body to stay warm consume a lot of calories. After regular swimming time, you may find an increase in their appetite.
  3. Swimming helps to boost muscle growth and control in babies at a young age. They will need to utilize their muscles to keep their heads up, move their arms and legs, and work their core in coordination with the rest of their body. Other than that, swimming is also good for cardiovascular and will intensify their brain, heart, lungs, and blood vessels.
  4. Besides building muscle, swimming can also help babies enhance their balance and coordination. It is quite hard to move those little arms and legs in coordination. Even small coordinated motions indicated big leaps in their development.
  5. Last but not least, swimming may also increase their confidence. Based on a 2010 study, 4 years old kid who had taken swimming lessons will have a better adaption to new circumstances, be more independent and have more self-confidence than non-swimmers.

So, if your little one is regularly exposed to the water and seems like ready for spattering in something bigger than the tub, in that case you can start to look for swimming lessons for him/her either group or private swimming lessons.

Once you have decided to send them for swimming lessons, you should consider the type of swimming programme and also the calibre of the coach whom will teach your kids. You should look for a coach who is patient and capable to motivate your kids. This is of paramount importance as it will allow your kids to stay motivated and continue the lessons and learn better.

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