Private Swimming Lessons at Condo

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Is it time for your kids to learn swimming? Learning swimming is very important for everyone. Swimming is not only for entertainment, but it can also save lives.

There are many benefits to learning in a group swimming class. They can learn with their peers and also make friends during the lessons. This will allow the lesson to be more socialable and enjoyable. However, not every child is suitable for group classes.

If you realize that they are progressing very slowly or not getting enough attention from the coach during group classes, you should consider letting them join a private class.

In this article, we will list some benefits that you will gain from a private swimming lesson.

  • Lessons can be customized.
    Not everyone is alike in terms of learning abilities and styles. Should you decide to join a private swimming class, we can help you customize a lesson plan according to the learner’s ability and allow flexible time slot. Our coaches can set a personalized swimming program to fulfil any requirements.

  • Flexibility
    Another reason why you should join a private swimming class instead of group swimming class will be flexibility. When you choose to join a private swimming class, you will not only be able to arrange the right time for the class, but you can also choose your preferred location for the class. Being different from group swimming classes, private swimming classes allows you to schedule them around your life, and not the other way around. This will give you more flexibility in scheduling for other important things in life. We can work together to create a perfect schedule for your kids, so they will not miss any classes.

  • Lesson fee is more affordable.
    You might think that group classes are more affordable because the cost of each lesson is low, but this might not always be the case. In the long run, joining a private class is actually cheaper than group classes due to the reason that your kids will be able to learn faster. The slower learner will hinder or slows your kids in a group class. This is especially true for classes that may have a different level of swimmers. Therefore, you will be paying for the classes that your kids may have already learnt. But when you join a private class, you just need to pay for what your kid learning and they will get full attention from the coach. As such, you will save a good amount of money in the long run.

  • Coaches can teach the kid about how to be comfortable in the water.
    One of the biggest benefits that you will gain from private swimming class before diving into the learning process is for the coaches to teach your kids how to be as comfortable as possible in the water. This is probably a major milestone of the entire learn to swim experience, even more so for kids with water phobia. The kids must be comfortable with being in water before learning how to swim. During a private swim class, a professional swim coach can solve this issue because they will have more time for encouragement and one to one instruction.
  • The kid will get more attention from the coach.
    When you joined group classes, the biggest issue is that there might be too many kids in a group and coaches will inevitably pay lesser attention to your kids. If your child needs more instruction and attention from coaches, a private swimming lesson is usually better. While they might be fast learners, they might not be as advanced as others in the same group. Hence, joining private swim class is the only way that you will be able to make sure that your kids can get more attention from the swimming coach.

  • The kid can learn faster.
    One to one instructions are less disruptive than group instructions, so your kids will be better able to concentrate better during the mentoring. This will make your kids learn faster through private instruction. Other than that, coaches can set a tailored syllabus according to the kid’s strengths and weaknesses, so their bad habits like an improper stroke can be immediately determined and corrected.

In conclusion, joining private swimming classes will offer many different benefits. Not only the kids will get better and more focused guidance, but it can also even save you money in the process. Moreover, it also will save your time and effort, and you have the flexibility to arrange everything.

Swimmerse provided private class at Sengkang swimming complex, Bukit Batok swimming complex, Clementi swimming complex and Hougang swimming complex. Besides teaching swimming at Singapore Condo, we also provided private lessons at public swimming pools.

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