Private Swimming Lessons in Singapore Condo


Learn to swim at any Singapore Condo Pool! Private swimming lessons at Singapore condo are available for students of any age. We will be able to provide a coach that is dedicated, certified and experienced to conduct class for yourself or your love ones. All coaches that are under Swimmerse will definitely be certified with a recognized coaching certificate. All classes are arranged at a competitive market rate. We believe that everyone should have access to swimming.

Swimmerse provides learn to swim classes on the following:

– Infant Swimming Lesson
Toddler Swimming Lesson
– Kids Swimming Lesson
Children Swimming Lesson
Adult Swimming Lesson
– Lifesaving Lesson

If you do have friends that would like to learn to swim together at respective condo pools, we are able to build up a group class for you.

What will you Gain?

  • Building up water confidence
  • Learning of various swimming strokes and correction of strokes
  • Overcoming your water phobia
  • Proper breathing technique when swimming

Get undivided attention from our coaches and a fully tailored swimming program suitable just for you. Choose the  Private Swimming Lessons best suited to your needs and contact us today!


Lesson Fees



  • $280 Per Month (1 pax : 1) 
    $350 Per Month (2 pax : 1)
    $420 Per Month (3 pax : 1)
    $480 Per Month (4 pax : 1)
  • Lessons are conducted by qualified coaches

  • Fees are collected every 4 completed lessons

  • Cancellation of lessons to be informed 1 to 3 days before class

  • 4 Lesson Per Month, Once Per Week, 45 minute per session

  • No lesson on will be conducted should there be a fifth week in the month.

  • No make-up lesson for bad weather, travel and public holiday.



  • Subject to availability
  • $120 Per Month
  • Fees are collected once every month

  • Minimum 4 pax to start class.
  • 4 Lesson Per Month, Once Per Week, 45 min per session

  • No lesson to be conducted on the fifth week of the month, unless stated otherwise.

  • No make-up lesson for bad weather, travel and public holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Fee Structures?

Group class at most condo pools, fees will be collected every month

Private class at most condo pools, fees will be collected every 4 lesson

For lesson that start in the middle of the month, lesson fee will be prorated.

Dep will be refundable after 6 months if u want to quit, with 1 mth notification.

What are your Terms and Conditions?
  1. For group class, there are no make up for PH , Bad weather, No turn up, Exam, School holidays and Travel. If it is due to sickness, pls provide MC for replacement class. Other form of replacement is subjected to the availability.
  2. There is no Pause Policy for month or longer. If no show for two lessons without vaild reason, the current slot may have to give up.
  3. Payment has to be settled within 2 weeks after notification of payment is sent.
  4. Deposit is refundable after 6 mths upon quitting. 1 month notice is required and the deposit can be used for the last month payment.
  5. In the event of bad weather, pls call SengKang Swimming Complex Hotline: 63153574 Or Bukit Batok Swimming Complex Hotline: 65610939
    To check the status of the pool. If it’s closed, you have to wait for the pool re-open. Coaches will be waiting inside.
What is your current Promotion?
What do I bring for the swimming lessons?

On the first day of trial, students are to bring along swimwear.

All Swimmerse students are all expected to be in their Swimmerse uniform with red Swimmerse swim cap every lesson.

Students should also bring their own kickboard, goggles.

Parents are also advised to bring some a bottle of warm water to warm the children up in the case of a cold day.

How long will it take for a learner to learn how to swim?

No learner is the same, everyone has different learning ability.

Generally, students of 6 years and above take a minimum of 6 months to learn how to swim.
This is why we implemented a minimum of 6 months commitment per child.

Younger child or students with water phobia take a longer time.

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