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Swimmerse provides swimming lessons for anyone and everyone! It doesn’t matter whether you no zero experience in swimming or that you are looking to perfect that swimming stroke, we have swimming lessons in Singapore suitable for everyone.

It is also not too early to begin to learn to swim. Swimmerse conducts swimming lessons from the age of 1.5 years old and up! All swimming coaches under Swimmerse are certified and will definitely provide a great learning experience for your love ones.

It is, of course, not too late to Learn Swimming in Singapore! Swimmerse conducts adult swimming lessons without any age limit! You can be looking to learn a new lifelong skill – swimming or simply to keep fit! 

We pride ourselves in providing Singapore swimming lessons with one of the best swim classes taught by MOE certified swimming coaches in Singapore! 

Classes are available in both group and private setting.

Swimmerse coaches you from build up of water confidence to perfecting that swimming stroke. With each level, you will learn more about different swimming strokes and their techniques. It’s our guarantee that you will surely enjoy the lessons provided.

Hence, scroll down and see what swimming lessons in Singapore we have to offer! We offer both male and female coaches to tailor to each and every of your needs!

Infants & Baby Swim Lessons

Engaging in regular swimming lessons from an early age facilitates the attainment of motor, cognitive, academic, emotional, and language developmental milestones ahead of non-swimming peers.

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How it works

  • Foster a strong bond between the child and the accompanying parent or caretaker.
  • Boost self-esteem and independence as children master skills at their own pace.
  • Mitigate the development of water fears.
  • Induce relaxation and stimulation that positively impact sleep and appetite.
  • Promote a robust respiratory system.

How it works

Our Swimsafer 2.0 is executed within a nurturing, low-stress, and welcoming environment, ensuring a positive learning experience for all participants.

Maintaining a relatively small student-to-instructor ratio with a maximum of 8 swimmers per class, each student receives individualized attention for a more effective learning journey.

For parents seeking an even more tailored experience for their kids, we also offer the option of semi-private or individual classes, providing flexibility to meet diverse learning needs.

Children Swimming Lessons

Swimmerse Swim School distinguishes itself by placing a significant emphasis on fostering proper techniques, aimed to prevent the development of inefficient strokes stemming from undesirable habits.

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Adult Swimming Classes

Juggling numerous commitments can make committing to an exercise routine challenging. However, it’s never too late to start learning how to swim.

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How it works

At Swimmerse Swim School, we ensure that your time spent with our skilled coaches is highly rewarding. Through engaging drills and a skill-focused approach, our experienced swimming instructors will have you swimming confidently in a short time! Each term for adult learners consists of 10 lessons.

Our coaches dedicated to adult swimming lessons have undergone thorough training in coaching and possess over 5 years of hands-on coaching experience. This guarantees that your lessons will be well-managed and beneficial.


How it works

We provide dedicated, certified, and experienced coaches to conduct classes for you or your loved ones. All Swimmerse coaches hold recognized coaching certificates such as NROC or Austswim Certification, ensuring quality instruction at a competitive rate. We believe that swimming should be accessible to everyone.

Swimmerse offers private swimming lessons for Infant and Baby, Children and Adult

What You’ll Gain:

  • Boosted water confidence
  • Mastery of various swimming strokes with stroke correction
  • Overcoming water phobia
  • Proper breathing techniques while swimming
  • Personalized attention from our coaches and a tailored swimming program designed just for you. Choose the Private Swimming Lessons that best fit your needs and reach out to us today!

Private Swimming Lessons

Embark on your swimming journey at any Swimming Complex or Singapore condo pool! Our private swimming lessons cater to students of all ages in Singapore. 

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