Adult Swimming Lessons

Swimming is considered a crucial skill that not only comes in handy in leisure or sports, but for lifesaving emergencies as well. Swimmerse Swim School provide adult swimming lessons in Singapore

Catering to every skill level from the hydrophobic to the intermediate swimmers, Adult Swimming Lessons will ensure that you start at your level and experience progress.

Develop a life skill that will be useful in future! Conquer your fears or refine your techniques as you explore the world of swimming with professional coaching.

We provide swimming lessons for adults in Sengkang and Bukit Batok Swimming Complex who are keen to learn basic strokes or simply looking for some advice on stroke corrections. Adult swimming lessons are for anyone above the age of 13. Group classes are available for adults that are looking for some training together with their peers. We provide private lessons as well for adults that are looking for some undivided attention during their swim lesson.