Swimming lessons during Coronavirus

Weekend Situation at Sengkang Swimming Complex

Should swimming lessons still be conducted during the Coronavirus Infection in Singapore?


We understand the concerns that parents have due to the Coronavirus especially when the Dorscon level changed to orange. However, we would like to reassure parents that there are no need for panic and life still goes on.

We are monitoring the news and taking precautions to make sure that it is still safe for swimming lessons for all Swimmerse students.

  • Swimmerse have arranged for all students that have travelled anywhere during the past 1 month to temporarily pause their swimming lessons.
  • Any Swimmerse students that are feeling slightly unwell are informed to stay home and rest till they are fully recovered.
  • Each Swimmerse coach are briefed to spread out and conduct the swimming lesson at a separate corner from other Swimmerse student group.
  • Each Swimming group are kept to a size of maximum 6-7 pax per group.
  • Due to temporarily cessation of swim classes from other swimming schools, the pools are very empty now and the pool is not crowded at all.
  • Chlorine from the pool does kill most of the bacteria and the virus would not be transmitted via the pool water.

We would also like to thank all parents that have trusted in us with your children during this period of time. Do help us to keep the lessons safe for all the learners by encouraging the children to wash their hands before and after each swimming session.

Once again, lessons will be on going unless stated otherwise. Do rest assure that we are doing the best that we can to make sure the lessons are conducted in a safe manner.

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