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Swimmerse Coaches 2019

2019 is coming to an end soon.We would like to thank all the parents that have been with us so far.Thank you for entrusting your love one to us :)2019 have been a year of growth for Swimmerse.We have gotten a few of the industry's most respected coaches in.We have had 2 swim test (going 3) with almost 100% passing rate.We have had a lot of parents validating our coaches' professionalism.We are one of the top reviewed schoolIt could not have been possible without the support of all the parents and the little swimmers that the coaches hold dear to their heart.In 2020, we strive to be even better so that you and your child have a great learn to swim journey with us.Thank you once again 🙂

Posted by Swimmerse Swim School on Saturday, 23 November 2019

Very nice and friendly coach. Kid look forward to swimming class every week.

Joanna Tang

Firm and experienced coach allows my boys to overcome their fear of learning Swimming. Admin is friendly and understanding, Fees are reasonable too 😉

Eng Hong

Was looking for a swimming coach for my young kids, googled and inquiries with a few swimming schools. Only Swimmerse allows a free trial and was very friendly over the phone. My kids who are very selective, love the friendliness and patient of the coach!!

Frey Ng

Excellent instructors. They are experienced and are proficient in guiding students. Recommended!

Jason Cheah

My daughter really progressed well under Swimmerse coach. They do know how to get kids relaxed and focus on learning. Thanks Swimmerse!!

Abhishek Joshi

My son is enjoying the lesson & was only 2-3 lesson where he can overcome basic swimming without float. Greatly recommended!

RT Hong Teo

My daughter enjoys learning swimming. Thanks to the sincere Swimmerse coaches.

Yan Shin

My 4.5 year old boy loves his swimming session. He is very excited to go to his swimming class. Instructor is very patient and good in understanding each kid’s potential.

Divya Kanth

Initially my little one was afraid to swim in waters, now she jumps and do laps! Thanks to her instructor whom has been so patient and encouraging.

Jenny Chew

Excellent and progressive swimming instructors for kids!

Moses Huang

Coaches are very nice and friendly my kids loves their swimming lesson by their coach.

Chantel Tan

Teacher is nice, my girl enjoy her swimming lesson. From a girl who used scared to put her head in the water, to now, she don’t mind putting her heads in…


My son happy to leaning, we can good see improvement. Thanks

Ram Manga

Coaches ensure safety at all times. They are patience with the kids. Strict & discipline that the child learn. Kind & care, get along well that the child listen.

Lim Sharine

My son enjoys the class with Swimmerse and the coach doing a very great job during the teaching.

Moses Chin

Coaches are professional. The school is also flexible. For example during the Haze period, they cancelled the class and gave us a replacement class.

Adeline Chan

My daughter would like to learn swimming .so I go to the Bukit Batok swimming complex to enquire. I go to ask about the time slot/day and there it is began. I would like to comment the instructors for the kind patience and coaching .And now my daughter had able to get the basic skill of swimming .Thanks you so much.

Soh Pheng

Very experienced and friendly coaches!! Professionally handles exceptional situations as well. For example, when thunderstorm arises, the pool will be temporarily closed. Sighted that their coaches will bring the students for dry training exercises whereas other school coaches just sit there and wait it out (multiple sightings over the past few months!!) My girl also learnt a lot from the patient guidance from their coaches. Kudos to your team!!!

Eduoard T

I have experience with 2 of their coaches. Both are excellent and have patience to teach my kids. Highly recommended.

Emile Sabastian

My son has had his swimming lessons at Swimmerse for one year and past swimming test of stage2. Coaches are very patient and responsible. It’s really a good swim school.

Qi Wang

Great and thankful that my kids were able to pick up swimming and enjoyed the sport under the coaching of capable teachers. Great experience with Swimmers School.

Tichelle Ong

My child enjoys her session very much! Coach trains the students effectively and is attentive in ensuring each student follow through the practices safely.

Mustika 5

Coaches are friendly and professional. Admin also responds to queries timely and professionally.

Yusoff Muhammad

Awesome patient coaches for beginners, with a range of timing to suit your kids’ availability.

She Cabalida

Good Handling of Young Children.

Kaliyappan Kaliyammal Chezhian Naadaar

Testimonials – Coach Lionel

Introducing Swimmerse Swim Coach – Coach Lionel[ Coach Lionel ] Introducing Coach Lionel. Well, this respectable man does not need much introduction in the swimming industry. He is well-liked and respected by many swim coaches and highly in demand by a lot of students.Coach Lionel is a very experience and loving coach. Watch this short video of Coach Lionel to understand why he is so popular with kids and amiable! P/S: It isn't everyday in the swimming industry that we get to slow down our pace and really show appreciation to our own coaches. Covid19 maybe daunting but it gave us an opportunity to appreciate and introduce our coaches better to our swimmers. Rest assured! Your little ones and yourself are in good hands 🙂

Posted by Swimmerse Swim School on Friday, 28 February 2020

My daughter loves attending Coach Lionel’s class very much! i appreciate the way he handles his students and the fact that there are less students in each class. That way, Coach can spend more time with each student.

Che / Sengkang

Coach Lionel is an awesome person. He will teach kids with lot of patience. I like the way he teaches swim for kids. My kid is adjusted to him nicely n listening to him. Thank you Coach Lionel.

Lavanya Ayodya / Sengkang

Coach Lionel is a patient, caring and responsible coach! My son, Nixon is learning well. Thank you Coach Lionel!

Regina Tan / Sengkang

Coach Lionel is so patient with the kids. My kids look forward to attending lesson every week. That’s great.

Darwis Azlina / Sengkang

Coach Lionel is very patient and my daughter love learning swimming with him. Thanks!

Lay Khim Yeo / Sengkang

Testimonials – Coach Eng

Introducing Swimmerse Swim Coach – Coach Eng[ Coach Eng]Introducing Coach Eng.Coach Eng is known for being a firm but fun coach. Through his years of coaching experiences, it has helped him derived at a method where children are able to understand his instructions clearly. Clear and consise instructions are something that is very important but neglected by many.Watch this short video of Coach Eng to know more about him and how children under his care learns to swim in a discipline manner.

Posted by Swimmerse Swim School on Sunday, 15 March 2020

My boys improved tremendously under Coach Eng. He is very patient with kids and teaches the swimming techniques thoroughly. My boys look forward to their weekly classes since. Highly recommended !!

Cherin Hoe / Sengkang

Highly recommended Coach Eng from Swimmerse. He is a very dedicated coach that with patient and always correct students whenever students swim incorrect style. My son loves to learn Swimming with Coach Eng.

Dragon MC / Sengkang

Coach Eng is very responsible and patient with the kids. He will also tailor the swimming lessons according to the kids’ ability. Our kids enjoy the lessons.

Tan Li Ying / Sengkang

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much to couch Eng for his patience and guidance towards my daughter. You are the best…!!!

Wong Shelia / Sengkang

My girl enjoys swimming class under Coach Eng. He has sense of humour during lesson time and he always correct students’ mistakes individually. My girl shows great improvement in swimming now.

Weng How Yim / Sengkang

Testimonials – Coach Patricia

Introducing Swimmerse Swim Coach – Coach Patricia[ Coach Patricia ]Introducing Coach Patricia. Coach Patricia is our super outgoing and engaging coach. She focuses on swimming classes at condos and have been coaching for about 3 years. Shes bubbly, yet super patient with the children. She coaches the children using the Ascta method and she adds interative games to help children achieve their swimming goals :)Watch this short video of Coach Patricia to know more about her!

Posted by Swimmerse Swim School on Friday, 6 March 2020

Coach Patricia is very patient with kids, my son likes her class. 

Christine Lam

My both kids enjoy swimming class with Coach Patricia every week. She is a patient coach. Thank you coach Patricia!

Elicia Ng

Teacher Patricia is good and friendly. My kids love her. They are looking forward for every lesson 😉

Edickson Guscott

Testimonials – Coach Insanria

Coach Insanria is good. My wife likes her way of teaching. Thank you Swimmerse & Coach Insanria !

Kirstin Wong / Bukit Batok

My girl likes coach Insanria, can see her improvement under her coaching. Well done coach Insanria ! 

Daphne Yong / Bukit Batok

My girl and her friends enjoy the class with Coach Insanria, she always engage with the kids and ensure their safety. 

Charlotte Chong / Bukit Batok

Testimonials – Coach Nina

Introducing Swimmerse Swim Coach – Coach Nina[ Coach Nina]Introducing Coach Nina.Coach Nina have been coaching for more than 10 years and she have a strong passion for coaching. Students under her care would experience her euthusiasm first hand and how she goes the extra mile to help each individual student.Many parents praised Nina for being very meticulous and effort when it comes to the swimming lesson. Being a mother of two herself, she sees and understands from the parent's point of view.Watch this short video of Coach Nina to see why parents and students love her!

Posted by Swimmerse Swim School on Monday, 23 March 2020

Coach Nina is very patient and approachable. My boy doesn’t scare of water anymore. Thanks for all your efforts!

Zhang Li / Bukit Batok

My boy has been with Swimmerse for almost 1 year. From beginning for his fear for water till now he is looking forward to every week lesson.
Thank you for making the lesson so enjoyable for the kid.
Good job Coach Nina & team!

Gina Loh / Bukit Batok

Teacher Nina has been e most patient coach with preschooler that I could ever imagined for. She is very gentle and detailed with young children. So lucky to enrol in her class!

Hui Li / Bukit Batok

Coach Nina is a patient and safety oriented coach. Both my 8 and 5 yrs old have started the swimming classes since Swimmerse came to Bukit Batok in the 2nd half of 2017. Both of my boys have overcome their fear of water especially the younger one. Well done and cheers to Coach Nina and team.

Mic Phua / Bukit Batok

Coach Nina is a very dedicated coach to her students. My 5 and 7 years old had overcome their phobia in swimming. With more practise they might overcome with deep pool. May consider the ratio of kids as Coach Nina able to focus and give more attention especially in deep pool lessons. Nevertheless she’s very patience.

Fauiziah Mohd / Bukit Batok

Excellent coach. Coach Nina is an excellent instructor who is really patient, friendly and helps my son build up his confidence in the pool. My son swimming has really improved lesson upon lesson and he loves coming to her lesson every week. Highly recommended!

Fenny Ng / Bukit Batok

My son enjoys the class and Coach Nina always engage with the kids and ensure their safety. I can tell all the kids are having fun during the swimming class. Thanks!

Yoke Ying Wong / Bukit Batok

Coach Nina is very patient with the kids and they enjoy their swimming lessons very much! Well done and keep it up!

Jolene Tan / Bukit Batok

Coach Nina is capable to handle young children and control the class well. This make the lesson effective with good progress learning.

Elaine The / Bukit Batok

Coach Nina is very patient and firm with the children. She gives good advice to the parents so we know how to continue to guide the children after lessons. My child really loves going for her lessons.

Crystal Ho / Bukit Batok

Coach Nina is really nice person. She is patient and professional. My daughter love her.

Ziva Xu / Bukit Batok

Great & passion coaching from coach Nina!! My kids like her and enjoy the class.

Jackson Chuah / Bukit Batok

Coach Nina is the BEST. Very patience with my daughter, and she has grown her confidence in swimming.

Chee Leong Kok / Bukit Batok

Fees are affordable and my children enjoy interacting with Coach Nina.

Linda Cheng / Bukit Batok

Both my kids are having swimming lesson with Swimmerse. Coach Nina is very patient and we are glad that both are able to swim now.

Serene / Bukit Batok

Really happy & impressed that I choose Swimmerse swim especially to teacher Nina whose very helpful & patient for my daughter.

Jerico Pinon / Bukit Batok

Testimonials – Coach Yun

Coach Yun is very patient and knows her way to encourage young children who are afraid of water. My younger child who started lessons at 3 year old. enjoyed her lessons and he looks forward to it every week. He became more confident being in water rather quickly yet never rushed to overcome his fears.

Joyce Moo / Seng Kang

Coach Yun is really patience with the students. Fast response and able to make up when not feeling well. Reasonable pricing.

Su Fang Peh / Seng Kang

My daughter enjoys learning with Coach Yun. Coach Yun is a dedicated coach and makes learning fun for the students.

Taqiyudin Liyana / Seng Kang

Coach Yun has been very patient with teaching my son swimming skills, great job.

Jimmy Goh / Seng Kang

The instructor Yun is very good and helpful to teach all students.

Tan Yue Ling Ellyn / Seng Kang

Coach Yun is very patience and approachable. Thank you.

Chanel Lim / Seng Kang

Testimonials – Coach Richard

Coach Richard done a great job to teach my daughter swimming lessons.

Vivienne Gong / Seng Kang

Coach Richard has done a great job coaching Valerie throughout 2019. As Valerie has high ego in doing well in her class, sometimes she tends to cry when she cannot perform as expected. Coach Richard saw this and he did not force Valerie to do better. He gave her time, asked her to rest a side and personally coach her again until she regain her confidence! I really appreciate Coach Richard’s patience. Thank you Swimmerse! Thank you Coach Richard!

Josie / Seng Kang

Great teaching from Coach Richard.

Wayne Tan / Seng Kang

Testimonials – Coach Edward

Great and patient coaches! My kids (7 and 5 yo) are being coached by Coach Edward and he is wonderful with the kids! Thanks Swimmerse!

Jessica Liang / Seng Kang

I would like to thank Coach Edward for being a wonderful coach for my daughter. Will appreciate his patience with kids. Under his guidance she has now able to complete stage 3. She is always excited for her next swim lesson and more confident now.

Pooja Gupta / Seng Kang

Coach Edward is very encouraging. My child enjoyed attending his lessons and was able to pick up different swim strokes and techniques quickly. His enthusiasm and energy is contagious such that the children want to do their best even when training is rigorous.

Joyce Moo / Seng Kang

Grateful to have Coach Edward to teach my son swimming. He is very approachable and friendly to kids. My son likes his class and shows tremendous improvement within 4 months of his swimming journey.

Santi Monica / Seng Kang

Coach Edward, is a committed & good coach. My son loves swimming now. I can’t wait for him to move onto next step of swimming lessons.

Divvya Lakshmi / Seng Kang

Been with Swimmerse for the past 3 years and we’re very glad of the achievements made. My child is able to obtain a SwimSafer Stage 3 cert with patient guidance and encouragement from Coach Edward. Kudos! And THANK YOU!

Cassida Zhou / Seng Kang

Coach Edward is a very experienced coach and Alethea has improved a lot under him. He has helped her to come out of her comfort zone and is encouraging towards helping her to achieve her goals.

Cynthia Tan / Seng Kang

Coach Edward is so special in treating the kids. My kid like him a lot and his encouragement.

Mallikarjun Yagnavajjula / Seng Kang

Coach Edward has been superb with Reyansh. He is great with kids. Best coach!!

Shalabh Saxena / Seng Kang

My son was a lot playful during the classes, but Coach Edward helped him thru with a lot of motivation and now he has improved a lot. Thanks to Edward and Swimmerse.

Prakash Prabhakaran / Seng Kang

Coach Edward is awesome. He is very patient toward children.

Lynette Ng / Seng Kang

Testimonials – Coach Reave

Swimmerse is the 3rd learning school/coach my kids had through their swimming lesson journey and by far the they’re the best. Experienced with handling young kids, coach Reave always wears a smile and is always encouraging towards the young ones. I’d highly recommend them if you’re looking for a swim school for your kids, one they could stick with.

Marie Ang / Seng Kang

My 4 yr old Son, Yanbin is learning under Coach Reave. Initially he is terrified of water and also Coach Reave but now he is looking forward to his weekly Swimming lessons. Thumbs up!

Stella Chan / Seng Kang

My kids Kristen & Alson love to go every weekend swimming lesson under Coach Reave. They are enjoyed the lesson although it only one hour. They know how to breathe well in water & not scare getting inside the water anymore. 😉

Candy Chan / Seng Kang

My 2 daughters are enjoying n learning at the same time under Coach Reave and Sebastian. They are so energetic when comes to Sunday morning. It’s when they are going for their swimming lesson. They are having so much fun. Both coach Reave n Sebastian have so much patience when teaching young kids. Let your kids to join now. They will enjoy too.

Kelvin Png / Seng Kang

Sent both my kids for trial and end up signing with Swimmerse. Coach Reave very patient and friendly with both my kids. No yelling or Olympic-style fierce kind. Really like the method of teaching here.

Cindy Teoh / Seng Kang

Our son Ishaan had enrolled in coach Reave’s class in August. We had seen coach Reave earlier training young kids in a very entertaining way. After few months, we can really see lot of improvement in Ishaan’s swimming abilities. Most of all, he is enthusiastic and eager to attend the lesson every week. We are happy with Swimmerse for providing a pleasant experience to beginners and kids who are otherwise averse to water activities. Thanks and Way to Go!!

Anand VC / Seng Kang

Coach Reeve is patient with the children. My son still has separation anxiety so he asked him to be at his own pace.

Siti Heryani Ab Karim / Seng Kang

Coach Reave is very patient, result oriented and experience to handle young children. My son enjoy and look forward to attend swimming class every week.

Yong Daphne / Seng Kang

Reave is a highly active coach and my Daughter pick up faster with this school than the previous coach. Recommended.

Ramesh Kumar Ramasamy / Seng Kang

My girl has been with Swimmers for more than a year and is now an avid swimmer. Thanks to the patience and the fun learning lesson provided by Coach Reave.

Angela Ang Peng Khim / Seng Kang

My kids Kyshinn and Yvette enjoys swimming lessons under Coach Reeve. He is attentive and patient towards his students.

Lorna Koh / Seng Kang

Reave is a very nice coach, he has trained both of my kids and made them good swimmers.

Anjan Chidurala / Seng Kang

Has been a month of sending my son to coach Reave. He is always looking forward to his weekly lesson!

Candy Kwok / Seng Kang

Coach Reave is very patient with my girl and his techniques are great.

Cynthia Shirley / Seng Kang

Testimonials – Coach Sebastian

My 2 daughters are enjoying n learning at the same time under Coach Reave and Sebastian. They are so energetic when comes to Sunday morning. It’s when they are going for their swimming lesson. They are having so much fun. Both coach Reave n Sebastian have so much patience when teaching young kids. Let your kids to join now. They will enjoy too.

Kelvin Png / Seng Kang

Coach Sebastian is a very good and responsible teacher who helps us in all strokes and he teaches us how to be more in strokes from Froggy to butterfly he will try his best teach us.

LIEW Sook Fun / Seng Kang

Testimonials – Coach Mei Yun

My son enjoys his lessons with Coach Mei Yun and always look forward for his next swimming lessons. The coach is a nice and friendly person who interacts well with kids.

Nadiah Rahmat / Seng Kang

I would recommend Coach Mei Yun, she is a patient and fun coach. My girl enjoys the swimming lesson with her.

Vonny Timmer / Seng Kang