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Come and learn to swim at the Sengkang Swimming Complex, do your swim training or just to swim for leisure.  Swimmerse have our flagship location here at Sengkang Swimming Complex where you get to experience one of the best swim class in Sengkang.

The Sengkang Swim Complex offers swimming for everyone; adults, children, toddlers and even infant, irrespective of experience and age.

More about the Sengkang Swimming Complex, the swimming facilities are excellent, including baby pools, kids’ pools and the larger family pool with fun slides and a swim park too.  Our Swimmerse swimming instructors are some of the best in Singapore, all highly qualified and with excellent swimming and people skills.

You can choose to take part in our Sengkang group swimming lessons, but private swimming lessons are available too.  And if you prefer your child to be taught by a female swim coach, that too can be arranged.

If you would like to learn swimming in Sengkang, no matter your age, Swimmerse Swimming Class at Sengkang Swimming Complex has a team of excellent swimming instructors.  You will find a class that works for you and your family, midweek or weekend, and one that fits in with your busy schedule.

Bring your infant, toddlers, children or yourselves, for Sengkang swimming lessons and training.  Swimmerse at Sengkang offers some of the best swimming lesson experience in Singapore, and you can swim and enjoy the Singapore sunshine and get fit, tanned and healthy all at the same time, in a beautiful space with beautiful surroundings.

You will find the Sengkang Swimming Complex in the Anchorvale Community Club. The swimming lessons at Sengkang Swimming Complex are high in demand and very popular! Don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews or simply ask around!

Lesson Types

Lesson Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Fee Structures?

We collect the fees every 2 months once on Jan. Mar. May. July. Sept. Nov.
Example for Clementi Swimming Complex: Payment is 120(July) +120(August) +120 (Deposit)

For lesson that start in the middle of the month, lesson fee will be prorated.
Deposit will be refundable with minimum 6 months commitment, 1 month notification period needed.

What are your Terms and Conditions?
  1. For group class, there are no make up for PH , Bad weather, No turn up, Exam, School holidays and Travel. If it is due to sickness, pls provide MC for replacement class. Other form of replacement is subjected to the availability.
  2. There is no Pause Policy for month or longer. If no show for two lessons without vaild reason, the current slot may have to give up.
  3. Payment has to be settled within 2 weeks after notification of payment is sent.
  4. Deposit is refundable after 6 mths upon quitting. 1 month notice is required and the deposit can be used for the last month payment.
  5. In the event of bad weather, pls call SengKang Swimming Complex Hotline: 63153574 Or Bukit Batok Swimming Complex Hotline: 65610939
    To check the status of the pool. If it’s closed, you have to wait for the pool re-open. Coaches will be waiting inside.
What is your current Promotion?
What do I bring for the swimming lessons?

On the first day of trial, students are to bring along their own swimwear.

All Swimmerse students are all expected to bring their swimming starter kit every lesson. Its all you need for the swimming classes!

Parents are also advised to bring some a bottle of warm water to warm the children up in the case of a cold day.

How long will it take for a learner to learn how to swim?

No learner is the same, everyone has different learning ability.

Generally, students of 6 years and above take a minimum of 6 months to learn how to swim.
This is why we implemented a minimum of 6 months commitment per child.

Younger child or students with water phobia take a longer time.

Meet Our Coaches

What People Say

Don’t trust just our word for it! Check out our facebook page!
We are one of the top rated swim school in Singapore!

My boys improved tremendously under Coach Eng. He is very patient with kids and teaches the swimming techniques thoroughly. My boys look forward to their weekly classes since. Highly recommended.

Cherin Hoe / Facebook

Was looking for a swimming coach for my young kids , googled and inquiries with a few swimming schools. Only swimmerse allows a free trial and was very friendly over the phone . My kids who are very selective, love the friendliness and patient of the coach !!

Frey Ng / Facebook

Swimmerse is the 3rd learning school/coach my kids had through their swimimg lesson journey and by far the they’re the best. Experienced with handling young kids, coach Reave always wears a smile and is always encouraging towards the young ones. I’d highly recommend them if you’re looking for a swim school for your kids, one they could stick with

Marie Ang / Facebook

Sengkang Swimming Complex Information



Tues to Sun, PH: 8.00am to 9.30pm

Morning Swim: Competition pool opens 6.30am on Tuesday
Training pool (sheltered) opens 6.30am on Thursday

Weekly Maintenance:
Mon – Full day


Sengkang Swimming Complex
CategorySingapore Citizen/Permanent ResidentStandard Rate
Weekdays exclude public holidaysWeekends include public holidaysWeekdays exclude public holidaysWeekends include public holidays
Child/Senior Citizen$0.80$1.00

Free Trial Classes are available! Contact us here to book a slot !

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